Trouble-Free Living

How appropriate an idea for this life full of struggle. Yes, everyday we face challenges, obstacles, and wrong-doings. Mistakes, accidents, and even intentional discord brought upon ourselves or others BUT … it will not always be that way.

I was recently reminded through one of my favorite daily devotions, Jesus Calling, that we are to “Remember that [we] have an eternity of trouble-free living awaiting [us] in heaven”.


Doesn’t that just give you the biggest sigh of relief? I let out a slow, relaxing exhale when I see those words which I actually scribbled on a post-it weeks ago and stuck up in my office. Such an encouraging notion for me to remind myself of daily, or let’s be honest, even hourly. This is even more beneficial to the constant rejuvenation of my soul in the sense of trying to imagine it. Just for a second, let you mind try and grasp the infinite wonder of eternity without fear, worry, grief, doubt, jealousy, or anything else negative. Then try and imagine it forever… for-ev-er. FOREVER is so long! And my short life will be such a tiny blip in eternity but yet I let myself, and you let yourself, and society lets us, just run around frantically consumed by the happenings of this world. 

The harsh reality is that society encourages us to be engulfed in the non-sense. And even sadder: we are considered part of this group of people because we help make it up. But I am trying to break free! Little by little, escape from the pressures and angst. And you can too! Try to believe that you can get rid of the chains. Believe it because your creator will fill you with joy when you leave the world behind you. Be encouraged by the comfort of trouble-free living in your future!

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