25 Great Things at 25


Technically I am over the halfway point of being 25, and am headed straight toward my upper-mid-20’s, but regardless, here is a list of things I have learned whilst inhabiting this earth for the past 25-ish years!

  1.  Wedding planning is most enjoyable when… the wedding is over, then comes the fun part… name changing!
  2. No matter how hard they try, they can’t top the television shows they had in the 90’s. Period. Who doesn’t want Lizzie McGuire back on the air?
  3. Wear sunscreen. You can still tan even with sunscreen. And your eyes can even get sunburned… I’ve learned from experience. Wear sunglasses in the snow.
  4. Fry sauce is the single best condiment that has come out of Utah: ketchup + mayo = love. Don’t be a hater, it’s divine.
  5. Canceling plans is one of the best feelings as an adult, not having to commit to a prior commitment? The best high.
  6. No one really knows what they are doing in this world, we are just all trying to survive the struggle.
  7. You love your parents a lot as a child, a little as a hormone-raging teenager, and a little bit more in college, but the most as an adult. That is when you find out they are your best friends. Same with siblings.
  8. Networking is the fastest way to get want you want. Know somebody who knows somebody and go from there.
  9. You can do everything by the book, follow the rules, be a good person, and still be unhappy. Find your joy and hold on to it tightly, bend the rules a little if you have to!
  10. It is frighteningly easy to get consumed by yourself in this world. Remember that there are others out there who were born into a random family just like you but were not as fortunate to be where you are. Did you deserve your upbringing? Do they deserve theirs?
  11. I love to support local restaurants, small businesses, and American companies. Sure they might cost a little more, but they don’t usually sacrifice quality for quantity, and that is priceless.
  12. Invest in new ideas, the world wasn’t seen as round until someone thought outside the flat.
  13. If all people were honest there would be no key chains, gavels, or passwords.
  14. Riesling wine is my favorite drink, but I don’t mind the Refreshing White Franzia…
  15. Applying mascara and then immediately using your blow dryer on cool to blow your eyelashes up creates crazy volume and sometimes curl… you are so welcome.
  16. Be a hippie as much or as little as you want but I have yet to regret ever choosing organic substitutes or a holistic approached to medicine. I didn’t wash my hair with shampoo for 2 years and it looked and felt phenomenal. So BOOM.
  17. It’s hard to ignore those who are rude or condescending, trust me I know, but do it. Forget what they say and live your little life to the fullest, you’re allowed to be happy!
  18. Find a community you care about and who will care about you back. It may be a church, your neighborhood, or your school. But find that sense of love and treasure it. Life can get really lonely otherwise.
  19. Always try to negotiate or barter. I think it is a lost art and sense of communication. How many times have I set a ten on the table and walked away when I could have tried and really gotten the most out of my money?
  20. Grudges are crap. Live and let live but most importantly: simply love. TAG
  21. Volunteering your time is better than donating your money. Get your hands dirty and feel the love you are spreading.
  22. Work at a company you have a passion for, with people who have the same passion. I think that is the key to liking your job.
  23. Trusting in God with all of my choices and decisions, big or little, has been the toughest but rewarding thing I have ever done with my life.
  24. I married my best friend and I like him and I love him. 🙂
  25. I can’t eat hamburgers upside down… I want that cheese and bacon on top where I can see ’em!

I am sure I can spew out another 25 but this is the best I’ve got for the time being!

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