Top 5 – Gotta Love It!

There are a few things that I use or buy or am a part of that just make my life great! Solid companies, refreshing perspectives, or just good ole quality brands. And if you haven’t heard of them, I highly suggest you check them out:


This is the most obvious if you know me well, I love Yelp. The handy website/ app helps you locate restaurants, boutiques, and local business but also stays up to date with nearby events. It’s great when you are down to try something new or need advice on the best place to buy a vacuum, Yelp has it all! Not to mention you can earn badges for checking in and even gain coupons for specific joints, so thoughtful!


I am labeling this the poor man’s Adobe Illustrator meets his derelict cousin Photoshop. Canva is an awesome site for developing graphics. They have plenty of icons and pre-made items to choose from for free, or you can make an investment in using some of their stock photos for a more polished piece. Those items usually cost about $1 each to use. I use this website for everything, especially this blog!


Jesus Calling

If you ever want the feeling of God speaking to you, this daily habit is it. I bought the app for about $14 and have read it more than any devotional I’ve ever owned. Not sure if it is the convenience of having it on my phone or just because I feel like the the Word is just seeping into my soul with each read. I love it!



Looking to have a late night where you would rather not have to be tasked with driving around? Well sign up for Lyft! This car service employs regular Joe’s to volunteer their own cars to drive you wherever you need to be. Pretty sweet right? Way cheaper than a cab, and in some cities, even more accessible! You use the app through your Facebook (have to have a Facebook) and request a driver. They come pick you up and the rest is simple. Best thing about this service? No cash. You input your credit card into the app so everything gets charged automatically!



Athletic gear that is so comfortable, so stylish, and so inexpensive, what are the odds?? Think lululemon meets Target and BOOM, you have Kyodan. I have only been able to find this brand at TJ Maxx because it is pretty well hidden from the grid. I can’t even find a website for them…  But the yoga pants and zip-up jackets are wonderful. High quality and thick fabric so you don’t have to worry about see through stretch during your down dog (or if you are just bending over to catch the mailman’s attention…bend & snap!).


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