Trip Preparation

Last minute packing defines my travel prep. I procrastinate like none other and mainly because there is still so much to prepare for in my mind. There is laundry yet to be done, I need to buy some more deodorant, where is that one jacket that keeps me comfortably warm (but not too warm) on the flight? Oh, we’re driving? Then obviously I’m going to pack twice as many things than I need because just ‘what if’ it rains, then I should bring my boots, or an incoming cold front? I will need a heavier coat just to be safe. Throw it all in the backseat and roll out!

It gets pretty ridiculous. And even if when I finally get all of my items together and cram them into a smaller suitcase, I have forgotten something. One time I straight up forgot to pack any pants. ZERO PANTS. We were driving to Chicago after work and I was randomly wearing a nice outfit with dress pants… those are the only pants I had. Luckily my friend who was hosting us is my same size and let me borrow some of hers. Then I had to go and buy pants at the GAP in downtown Chicago… I mean honestly, who forgets all wearable pants?EXPERIENCE IT.

Though that was a very rare case since I usually over pack to an extreme. Hauling all sorts of shoes for separate activities or different options in case the weather drastically changes. Majority of the time I pack my running shoes even though I will 100% not be performing any fitness-centered activity on the trip. None whatsoever. They usually just sit at the bottom, eyeing me every time I unzip the top of my suitcase.

I also take the liberty to include every toiletry imaginable. This is fairly ironic considering how low maintenance I describe myself but every trip, without fail, I have a plethora of creams, gels, pastes, and sprays. This is even more interesting because of the TSA requirements of specific ounces and container sizing and yet, I still manage to carry on all this crap in the designated Ziploc baggie BUT NEVER USE THE ITEMS. EVER. Do you do that? Go through extraordinary lengths to include items on your trip and then forget you even have them because you rarely use them in the first place? Sheesh. The only one I ever use is my hairspray. That’s it.

Here is an example of a well thought out packing list that I should use myself. Let’s say it’s for about 3 days in the winter, so heavy clothing options:

 Untitled design (2)

Another trait that plagues my packing skillz is the utter lack of caring what I look like. I usually procrastinate to a such a point where I have run out of time completely and therefore “Pssh I don’t care what I look like… I’ll just wear the same pair of pants for two days and then hopefully get away with a workout outfit…”. Those thoughts run through my head so often because it’s 1am and I have to be up by 5am. Then I instantly regret those thoughts when I land and realize I have not packed anything that can be worn in normal society. Whateva.


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