Freedom from Planning

Are you a compulsive planner? I sure am. I like to refer to my self as a spontaneous planner, which is of course defined by the want to do something unplanned but still plan it out really quickly before it happens… I have a problem.

Sometimes I get anxiety when I don’t know what is going on or going to happen next. So much so that surprises for me are ruined in my not knowing what’s going on. When my husband proposed, I was so flabbergasted I think I actually said “No! What are you doing??” before he could get down on one knee. Seriously?? And then I felt terrible because I usually cry at any joyous occasion but this threw me so off guard I couldn’t even focus on what was happening.

Do you ever get that way? Have a need to know everything that will happen or even strategize how to avoid the inevitable? Jesus sets us free from those burdens! Think of all the planning, organizational, and future preparing tips you’ve learned throughout your life. Okay now think of what Jesus tells us about the future… not to worry about it! Not even a little bit. How refreshing!


Of course, living OF the world in today’s society makes it very difficult to avoid prepping for the unknown. The struggle is daily and constant. So communicate these fears with the Lord. Give Him your worries, your doubts, your anguish. Communicate your needs with Him and I can bet you will find a way, through His guidance, to lessen the load and burden on your shoulders.

Jesus died purposefully to set us free from the misery of this world, don’t bring it upon your life willingly! It is a daily commitment, but something I know I have to do in order to live in freedom with Christ!


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