5 Things I wish would just go away


Summer is just around the corner and along with it comes so many wonderful things: ice cream cones, bike rides, poolside margaritas, and outdoor concerts. BUT even with all the great things there is always something that needs to go. So here are 5 things I wish would just go the heck away….

1.) Liquid Sunscreen
They have some form of sunscreen pills these days that unfortunately doesn’t work nearly as well as real sunscreen. But I am so tired of my snow white skin constantly pink-ing even after just 5 minutes of sun exposure and I can’t slather that crap on all day! The spray-on stuff is less of a hassle, but even then I manage to miss numerous spots and turn out looking like an albino dalmatian. I’m literally toast!

2.) Pop Music Videos
What in the world is going on with these videos?? Have you checked VEVO lately? It’s like each artist is competing for “what’s the weirdest theme we can come up with, plus the most scandalous nutso costumes, and then how can we advertise something totally non-related in the middle of it?”  I don’t know who is story-boarding these videos but they are seriously freaking me out.

3.) Frozen Parodies
The movie: great. The music: on point. The characters: adorable. The parodies plaguing YouTube: overplayed. Yes you can lip sync extraordinarily well for two men in a car singing female parts, BUT I hear the original songs enough to want to rip my own ears off! So… when the parodies start rolling… forget it.

4.) Celebrity News
Why do I have to know what is going on in the lives of people I will never meet nor even care about? Why has this become such an absorbing form of entertainment? Yes I realize I don’t have to listen or see or hear but guess what? I still have all those senses so I can’t not know! And how do fights between big named stars beat out miners trapped to death on my CNN updates, Really? Just pleaaaaaaase E News, People Magazine, and TMZ… GO AWAY!

5.) GMO – Genetically Modified Organism
You may not realize it but most of the items on the shelves of your local grocery store are a product of GMO. GMO is a form of an originally unprocessed food that has been genetically altered ad pumped full of preservatives and sugars to make it taste better and last in our cupboards for longer. Why us Americans are still allowing not only our own bodies but those of our children to consume this poison is beyond me. Look for true organic, naturally grown, and non-GMO foods. OR, better yet, stick to the produce section where the food comes from the good ‘ole ground. This is advice I am still trying to take myself… it’s hard to break old habits.

Got anything you want to get the heck out of here? I probably agree with you so let me know!

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