Off the Charts Joy!

You are on your way to heaven;nothing

Is your joy off the charts?? Well, it may not be now, but it will be upon your entrance into heaven, how awesome is that?! I think of times in my life where I was so joyful and exhilarated just by earthly things and then I try to multiply that feeling by 100x. That is how I think I will feel when I see my Creator’s face, just pure bliss!

This Jesus Calling is so encouraging to me because even though I try and keep my joy overflowing, many times my heart runs a bit dry and I feel discouraged, even small. But when I read passages such as this, my heart is repaired and fulfilled, I am ready to be joyful again!

I am broken down so often by a multitude of negative thoughts, actions, or circumstances. Maybe you are too? Every day I need to be reminded that this world of which I inhabit is just temporary. These struggles are minuscule and will not last forever but that doesn’t make them any less difficult to overcome. So I need this encouragement daily to patch up my heart so I can tread on. Treading on to spread the joy I carry with others so they, too, can relish in the love of our Savior, that is the greatest gift we can give: Spreading the love of Christ!

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