5 Words & Phrases to stop saying… Right Now!

So this is, like, a post about, like, the words you don’t really know that you are saying all time, you know? And these words are probably stealing your appearance of being a professional and authentic to the person you are trying communicate with, if, you know, they have the time to listen to you ramble, so…

Does reading that first paragraph make you cringe as much as me?? It is painful for me to proofread and not correct the mistakes because even though I hear all of those interjections on a daily basis, my ear has, for the most part, learned to ignore them. This is fortunate due to the obsessive way I used to single out each phrase one by one during a conversation, keeping a running tally of my partner’s errors. Then, with each tally, I lost more and more respect for the conversation and a tiny bit for the speaker. I can’t help it. I understand when education is not always provided to all but these are usually colleagues of mine who I know have degrees.

You Know--

1. “You know”  – This phrase seems to have leapfrogged over “like” in the past couple of years. “You know” is the shortened form of “Do you know what I mean?” or “You know what I mean”.  I do?? You’re the one talking about your Great Aunt’s holiday party and the fact that everyone left with the stomach flu… no, I have no idea what you ‘mean’.  It is even more frustrating when the phrase is used as a closer to the sentence, for example: “We had an easy weekend, just relaxed, hung around, you know?” NO!

2. “So” – This word is often used to end a sentence that was not constructed well during a conversation “When merging the two accounts there was money left over so… ” So what?? Where’s the money now? It almost implies the ‘yadda yadda yadda’ phenomenon where the person is supposed to just fill in the blanks and know what the heck is going on… not usually the case. I also think “so” gets tossed around a lot as a signal to the other person that the first person is finished talking so…. what do you have to say now? Apparently “so’s” are now periods. Go figure.

3. “Heighth”: I’m thinking this is mainly a dialect problem but I cannot be sure… Yes there is width, length, depth, but it is height. I have heard, on numerous daily occasions, this word mispronounced and I just cannot understand why. I guess I never will, “so…”

4. “Supposably”: Supposedly. There are many online blogs pointing out this confusion but I feel it’s necessary to call out everyday because I hear it mispronounced every. single. day!

5. “Irregardless”: My dad made me feel like the dumbest 6th grader on earth when I used that word instead of regardless. Now, of course, irregardless is in the dictionary because majority of society was saying it wrong — so they might as well make it mainstream, right? Check out this link to see the formal definition, cracking me up!

You may have read about these incorrect or just plain obnoxious forms of speech on popular websites such as The Oatmeal or Hyperbole and a Half. Check those out for a great laugh with even better comics that I cannot draw… I’m sorry, you know?


everyday i'm strugglin' (2)


6 thoughts on “5 Words & Phrases to stop saying… Right Now!

  1. Lauren, this is so awesome. THANK YOU for writing this. The “like” bug likes to attack me when I get nervous or am cautious about a situation. It’s definitely something I’ve been working on throughout the past years. One of my pet peeves- last yesterday… (what does that mean?!)


    • I’ve never heard of ‘last yesterday’! Maybe that’s a dialect thing too?? It’s hard to avoid these phrases when you are stumbling for words that’s for sure. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post!


  2. Lauren, I enjoy your writing style so much and your posts! With this one I am guilty of the “so….” but what else is there to say? 😉 Another word I hear all the time is, “acrost.” What?! I’m sorry, I think you mean, “across.”


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