10 tips for Being an Outstanding Homo sapien

Outstanding Homo Sapien

1. Don’t just apologize, say “I’m sorry”

Sometimes the easiest way to end strife with another person is to not just apologize but genuinely say “I’m sorry”. Nothing hurts my feelings or ticks me off more than when people know they are in the wrong and don’t accept it.

2. Embrace change with open arms

I know so many people who can’t handle change. Not even when it comes to rearranging furniture in their house! I’m sure it has everything to do with my Military-Brat upbringing but change is soothing to me. I’m usually anticipating it once I’ve been somewhere too long and that trait has benefited me in all areas of my life.

3. Stay true to your beliefs but maintain an open mind

Yes, you may have your religion, values, morals, whatever… but so does everyone else! I’m not saying you should hold your tongue when you are confronted but hear others out and try to understand where they are coming from. Here’s something to start with, one of my old college professors told our class that “Theories are not to be believed or disbelieved but just understood.” The blew my mind, I’d never thought about it like that before. How does that make you feel about the theory of evolution now? Or the Big Bang theory or any theory? Just understand, don’t be so quick to ‘disbelieve’.

4. Find discipline & be disciplined

Who do you want to be? What drives you to be your best? Hold on to that. Find that inner strength and decide where you want your life to take you. This is my biggest struggle. I am famous for talking myself out of doing something disciplined. But if I could go back in time, I would sit myself down and produce a list of the traits I want to maintain throughout my life and then develop a process for following through. There is still time to do that I suppose…

5. Find a passion & stick with it

Whatever you do just stick with it. Discover something that you truly love and are fascinated by and drink up all you can on the subject! Not only will you have a vast amount of knowledge on a particular matter, you will find others who share the same passion and that will only fuel your hunger more!

6. Love without judgement & forgive wholeheartedly

We are human and make so many mistakes. You’ve heard that phrase a million times and you’ve probably exhibited it a million more. Others may not reciprocate forgiveness or love but if you have, then you will be at peace and can move on.

7. Develop Situation Awareness

People will notice that you care about what’s going on around you and might even develop the same habit. Now this is a blessing and a curse because once you have this trait, you can grow very impatient and frustrated when others don’t. Trust me, I know from overwhelming experience. But, you will prosper from knowing your surroundings and being proactive instead of reactive.

8. Be careful who you confide in

Not every one of your friends is truly interested in everything you spill out about yourself or your problems. And, unfortunately, they can hold it against you. Find that special friend who will always be willingly to listen and support, no matter what the dilemma. Those people are true and priceless.

9. Quality over quantity

This is another one of my struggles that I am slowly growing out of and it applies to all aspects of daily life. For example: 5 cheap shirts or 1 quality piece of clothing,  10 shallow friendships or 3 loyal friends, 2 snack packs of potato chips or a bowl of fresh fruit. Things that are quality take time, love, and usually more money. But the outcome outweighs those costs: your long-lasting material items and your mental/physical health.

10. Explore, discover, question, & test everything

Growing up doesn’t mean you have to grow out of your curiosity! Don’t always assume what you’ve heard is correct, look it up. Learn more, fuel that fire, and tell others what you’ve found. We have so many amazing resources within our grasp every second of the day, use and abuse them. Then share and spread the power of knowledge!


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