Top 6 – Gotta Love It!

There are a few things that I use, buy or am a part of that just make my life great! Solid companies, refreshing perspectives, or just good ole quality brands. And if you haven’t heard of them, I highly suggest you check them out:


This is a superior concept. How many of us have hundreds of photos taking up precious memory space on our smart phones and all they do is just sit there? Your photos never leave your phone because who has time to upload them to their computer? Or, dare I say, even print them?! Well GrooveBook has removed all the difficult and time-consuming steps by producing an easy-to-use app. The GooveBook app allows you to upload 40-100 photos, straight from your phone each month and they will send you a little photo album! And the best part? The pics are perforated and date marked! You can select doubles and pull one out for your fridge, grandma, scrapbook, what have you! Pure genius. Oh and it’s only $2.99 a month. B and I both have a subscription and have been thrilled which each of our albums!

download (3)Kickstarter

This website allows for up-and-coming businesses, inventors, artists, designers, basically anyone who has a product, to create a platform and start a crowd fund. Crowd funding is the idea of posting a monetary goal and then offering incentives for those who want to donate to a make the product a reality. Many times new companies just don’t have the resources to produce what they need and through this site they can upload a video explaining the items. The incentives can include the product itself, personalized notes, or even packaged deals. The downfall only comes in the deadline. If the requested goal for money is not met in time (1-60 days), all deals are off and a person’s “donation” is not charged. We just bought The Coolest and we are definitely going to get it because the project was already funded before the deadline came around. You’ve got nothing to lose so go check it out!

download (2)FitBit

This is a new one for me considering I just got this as a birthday present (oh yeah, I’m 26 now!), but the FitBit is a health monitoring device that can track calories burned, sleep patterns, steps, exercise, and calories ingested. Just a little rubber bracelet which you can order in a variety of colors and styles and they run about $100. It also pairs up with MyFitnessPal which I already use fairly consistently. So far it’s been a great motivator because you can earn badges for completing certain goals and I love a good competition!

download (4)Spotify

We are still in the Premium Trial right now but I am loving this music app. For $10 a month you can have access all sorts of artists, albums, and songs. This is great for me because I love buying whole albums but then I fixate on just a few tracks. Other users can create playlists which any one can follow and that makes for great diversity and new exposure. This app is more convenient than Pandora because you can actually the songs you want hear and skip as you please!


Two Dots

This is a new game spawned from the creators of the DOTS App. Super addicting and much more goal oriented. Each level provides you with a different task and the more squares the better! Take a break from Candy Crush and learn how to connect.



Two Little Fish

 Putting poverty to Bed! A wonderful non-profit organization that sells children bedding and accessories. Local to Indiana but supports women in Ghana, Africa by using their handmade and dyed fabrics for every piece. Once an item is purchased, a child gets a mattress in Africa! Another great cause from within the brand: the owner and her husband are trying to adopt a Snowflake Baby by only profiting from the sales for their bunting! Check out her amazing and heartfelt story on their blog HERE!


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