Things you should NEVER do:

I’ve either learned from experience or need to take the advice myself.

NEVER - wired for struggle

Never wear fabric shoes near a fallen cactus

Never forcefully blow out a hot, waxy candle

Never spit out of a school bus window

Never dive head-first into unknown waters

Never stand on a stool to play a pinball machine

Never put GAK in your hair

Never put velcro in your hair

Never listen to those who don’t know you truly

Never put Visine in someone’s drink

Never waste time worrying about the future

Never waste time over-thinking the past

Never wash your hands without soap

Never forget to wear sunscreen on your face

Never bite your nails in a professional setting

Never lose your curiosity

Never write down something you wouldn’t want the world to know

Never forget where you came from

Never receive a gift without returning a ‘Thank You’ note

Never let others influence your enthusiasm

Never pass up the opportunity to make someone smile

Never let anyone define your emotions

Never let some random blogger tell you what you can and can’t do

Never compare yourself to anything other than your own goals

Never neglect to have a spare key

and NEVER forget to floss!


everyday i'm strugglin' (2)


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