How to survive… losing your keys on New Year’s Eve

You know that feeling you get when you realize you’ve forgotten something? That pit in your stomach when you know something is already lost but you’ve forgotten to arrange a backup? Well I had that feeling at about 4am standing in front of our apartment on New Year’s Eve 2014 while frantically searching my purse for our keys. They were definitely lost and we definitely didn’t have a spare. Happy New Year…

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The night started off solid. My husband and I had planned an adventurous night for the New Year celebration and met some friends at a nightclub downtown. Since we live about 30 minutes from there and didn’t want to have to drive, we used our favorite ride-sharing company, Lyft, and made it downtown for less than $20. A steal!

We enjoyed a wonderful night of dancing, laughing, meeting new people, and we even won best dressed couple at the club, it was a great night! But, once the New Year’s Countdown ended, our group started to dwindle and what we thought was going to be a long night out, quickly became an early one. And that was a problem for us. You see, the ride-sharing companies of Lyft and Uber can have astronomical surge rates for New Year’s and we were told they would mellow out around 3am. So we decided to wait it out… I fall asleep at another bar (because it was 2 in the morning) and we are ‘politely’ asked to leave. We walk around downtown in the freezing cold to kill time, then we finally park it in the lobby of a Hampton Inn. It was warm and nobody questioned us. We both doze in and out for an hour when we finally hit 3am… the rates are still too high. But I have to call it, we are exhausted and cold and just want to be in our own bed.

No Lyft cars were available so we have to use their competitor UberX, which is hit or miss in our city. The car drops us off at home … $115 later… and as we cross the threshold of the apartment building, my hand is rummaging around for the house keys in my purse. But I am coming up short. I panic because I think they might be in the UberX car but that guy is long gone by then with no way to contact him.

So that feeling of “Oh well, at least we have a spare… oh wait” starts to creep up but then I remember that we live in an apartment complex, with lots of spare keys, surely the 24 hour maintenance man can let us in! Nope. Apparently we agreed in our lease that they can’t give us keys outside of the leasing office business hours… soooo we start immediately calling locksmiths. One comes at about a quarter after 4, and after the $40 consultation he determines our lock would have to be drilled out for $150. Which we would have paid since we were screwed at this point regardless but we didn’t know what our complex would do to us. So we paid the locksmith for nothing and sat in the hallway and pouted. Well, I was crying out of mere exhaustion and even contemplated breaking one of our windows, while my husband contemplated our limited options.

We brainstorm and decide to walk across our complex to a neighboring hotel to at least get some sleep. We could figure it all out in the morning. But, by this point, both of our phones are almost dead, it’s freezing out, my feet hurt, the walk felt like an eternity… and I start to realize I feel like a hooker. Perfect evening.

The hotel reservation was really for two nights since it was technically New Year’s Day when we rolled up at 5am. Bonus. Once we get to the room, my husband immediately uses the hotel phone to call his boss (the only local phone number he knew since our phones were now dead) and tells him where we are and what happened in a voicemail. So all we had left to do was sleep and wait. But before we fall asleep we realized that the apartment complex will not be open on January 1 so we won’t be able to get in until January 2 and we have a whole day to kill.

The next morning his boss comes to save us with bagels, extra clothes, and phone chargers. Then he takes us to his house for a day of recovery. But unfortunately we couldn’t stay long since I am highly allergic to his cats. Back to the hotel we go where we spend the night with a delivery pizza and a Shark Tank marathon. The next morning we awoke to 4-inches of snow that B has to run through to the now open leasing office, get a spare key, get the car and come pick me up – and we’re late for work because the office doesn’t open until 9am.

Happy FREAKING New Year 2014!!

P.S. I waited a whole year to post this because B still says it’s ‘too soon’… Needless to say we are laying low this year.

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