No ‘Poo? No Problem.

A few years ago when I was getting my Masters, I had some extra time on my hands. I was Pinteresting, Stumbling Upon, and blogging my life away when I came across a few articles that inspired me. The subject: ditching shampoo. I was so skeptical and frankly grossed out. Thinking about not washing my hair seemed pretty unfamiliar since it was something I had been doing it everyday since birth (basically). But I was curious and had all the perfect factors to dive into this experiment head on *wink.

The first few weeks were a trying time. Your scalp almost goes into this shock and craves the chemicals it has become to used to and produces an ungodly amount of oils. Just straight up greaseball central. So if you are thinking of trying out this method, consider contemplating if you have these going for you:

  1. No life– preferably you should be in a long distance relationship and live with your grandmother & her shitzu.
  2. No job– Okay, well, no full time job at least. You can work 4 hours a week at your neighborhood golf course.
  3. Live in Arizona –The dry heat really does wonders in zapping out grease, but don’t stay out in the heat for more than an hour for fear of sweating.
  4. Live 30 minutes away from friends –this really locks in any need to consider maintaining a social life and will ensure Friday nights home with your own bottle of wine.
  5. Ignore the haters– Haters gonna hate, okay? We all know this. But even some of your closest friends will turn on you and your new lifestyle. Be prepared to defend your beliefs! Also, when you do see your boyfriend once a month, he may think you are a little stinky… but don’t let that deter you from your mission!So there are you 5 easy steps. ((also you need long wavy hair & naturally not very much grease))

All you do is ditch the shampoo, wet your hair and massage it like you would if you were shampooing it (but you AREN’T!), put some conditioner on the ends, and boom! You’re ready for the world, or the couch… whatever, I’m not one to judge.

Really, that’s all there is to it! Your hair may be a little greasy around your face but there are many different remedies for that, many include baking soda. I would just suds up some of my bar of soap and rub that around my hairline.

My hair developed what I like to call a ‘grunge’ feel. Once you get used to it, your hair will be so manageable (no more stray strands falling into your face!) and it will have so much natural volume. You won’t even need hairspray to keep it in place.

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