Pssst, Extra Wedding Advice I Wish I Would Have Taken!

I planned my own wedding the majority of 2013. Our big day was held in our current city, where no one in our family resided, and we wanted total control of what was going on behind every scene. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this (unless you are making 100% of the decisions with no influence from others) because it can be very stressful. But our wedding day was exactly how we envisioned it so somehow we made it all work! But there were a few tidbits I wish we would have either done or seriously considered before I walked down the aisle… Psst! Wedding Advice (1)

  1. Flowers are expensive but they look lovely when they are in bunches, not sporadically placed, and choose one color (white preferably) for a sophisticated elegant feel.
  2. Only go wedding dress shopping with people who hold your opinion higher than their own. Remember it’s your dress, and they need to be understanding.
  3. Consider a long, flowing veil. You are only going to wear one once in your life, do it big.
  4. Find the benefit in two hairstyles: One down for ceremony and one up for reception. Then your sweaty dancing hair will not be stuck to your face in most dance floor shots…
  5. NUMBER YOUR FREAKING RSVPS, people will respond without their names and it will be a nightmare to track down for your guest list. A completely avoidable nightmare.
  6. Don’t plan too many activities for guests, an active dance floor is just as fun as corn hole on the lawn.
  7. Get thank you cards as soon as you send out invitations, the gifts will start flowing in and you’ll want to get those out ASAP.
  8. is a great resource for ideas, but can be unbelievably overwhelming and cause you do question your choices… use it sparingly!
  9. People say you won’t care if anything goes wrong on the big day, but you still might get upset. Try and go with the flow but keep in my mind, you can be Bridezilla if you have to! But try not to be.


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